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Jody Kienhuis of Awaken your Motherhood:

"Many women are well prepared for childbirth
and the arrival of their baby, but far too few women
are prepared for their own recovery."


In the maternity period, the first and most important recovery for mothers takes place.

Yet for many women and their caregivers, this phase is still a 'grey area'.

Awaken your Motherhood was created to educate women about this very thingr and guide them through the recovery process.


Research shows that half of mothers develop symptoms after the birth of her baby. If this is also true for you, the postpartum period can be tough on you. By preparing for optimal recovery already during your pregnancy, you choose to prevent complaints. But even if you have already given birth and are experiencing problems, I can guide you to properly support your recovery from here.

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Over the past 15 years, I have noticed that a lot of women after childbirth are completely unaware of how to let their own bodies recover responsibly.


Most women 'just do whatever' as they say themselves.

Unfortunately, that is not always the best and fastest way to a good recovery.



I really enjoyed working with Jody. She really takes the time to listen to your story and complaints. She gave me very practical and applicable tips. Partly thanks to her, my pelvic symptoms disappeared quickly and I felt very strong again physically 5 months after my third delivery!


Nina Pierson - mother of three

Entrepreneur & Author of the books Mums and & The Birth Bundle


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