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A woman's postpartum period deserves attention. Recovering from pregnancy and childbirth happens on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Complaints that can arise vary widely. Sometimes those complaints turn into awkward or embarrassing problems. All this can have a negative impact on both a woman's physical and mental health. If women are better prepared for the postpartum period during their pregnancy, they have much more influence on their own recovery and can prevent complaints themselves.

When your baby is born, the postpartum period also begins for you as a fresh mother. After six weeks, the maternity period is over, but the postpartum period is far from over. People often don't give enough thought to the fact that the postpartum period lasts at least nine months and its limit is two years. It is a temporary phase of your life, but a very important one. Taking good care of yourself and being kind to your body are therefore necessary.


Recovering from pregnancy and childbirth takes time. It is a marathon of recovery on a physical, mental, emotional and hormonal level that comes free with motherhood. Understanding your body is the very first step. Whatever kind of delivery you have had, it has an impact on your body anyway. You can't speed up the recovery time, but you can ensure a good build-up in the load on your body.

Many women balance in this period between asking too much and too little of their bodies. Complaints can easily be prevented if you know what your body can handle, but at the same time recognise what it is better not to do (yet). I help you to get this clear. By starting this period well-informed, you can work at your own pace on the best way to recover.


"Through proper preparation

you can prevent complaints preventively."


“Choosing to take good care of yourself is important."

In an ideal world, care provision aims to support mothers throughout the entire postpartum period. In reality, the midwife and maternity nurse come to your home in the first week of maternity and there is a final consultation with your obstetrician or gynaecologist after six weeks. There is often a lack of time, knowledge and information to support you throughout your postpartum period, which lasts at least nine months.


So as a mother, since you are much longer than six weeks postpartum, you may lack proper education and guidance. So complaints often arise. From Awaken your Motherhood, I offer women support before and after childbirth. I want women to experience how they can speed up their recovery, by feeding them with clear and well-organised information. I offer them an honest start towards a powerful post-birth recovery on a physical, emotional and mental level.



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