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“My goal is to help women understand their bodies better.”

My view of my work changed forever in 2018 when I became a mother for the first time.I started looking differently at the reason and the unfair distribution why one woman developed complaints and the other woman literally cycled through her pregnancy and postpartum period without any problems.

Six months after giving birth to my daughter, I went back to work in my own practice. - As is often the case, a mother lay on my treatment couch, deeply emotional due to her complaints. And suddenly I was crying with her. It touched me that this woman, like me, had given birth to a daughter six months ago, but still experienced so many problems every day. Our recovery should not be so extremely different.

I knew that her complaints could have been prevented if she had received better information. I also knew that her recovery would have been better if she had given her body more rest. And that she simply 'didn't know any better' and therefore 'just did something'. 

No one had told her before that she should have avoided certain things. How could I explain to her that she was perpetuating her own complaints?


At that moment I decided: “this has to be different, mothers don't deserve this!”

​Something had to be done to prevent women from developing unnecessary complaints after giving birth. Awaken your Motherhood was born.

“Mothers don't deserve that

cannot lift their own child due to complaints in their body.”

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“Mothers don't have to experience pain during sex.”



The most important thing in my way of working is that I look at my client and her complaint holistically. The mind, body and soul always work together and cannot be separated from each other. By viewing these three components as a whole, it is often possible to heal again.

By asking good questions, I achieve the best results together with my clients. 


Ask yourself "What do I need?"

If you know what you need, then your request for help is also clear. 

Is most of your recovery on a physical, emotional or mental level?

When I graduated as a physiotherapist in 2007, I knew a little bit of everything. When I graduated as a master manual therapist in 2011, I knew a little more about everything. It quickly became clear to me that my interest lay in lower back and pelvic complaints. I naturally specialized in treating pregnancy-related complaints. I found my niche in this. It's a subject I could talk about for days. 

​"Learn from the best" is my motto. I followed training and courses at home and abroad, from Stockholm to Singapore.


I have enjoyed working in my own physiotherapy practice in Amsterdam for many years. I stopped doing this in 2021 because of the dream of emigrating to Spain with my family. I now have my own practice space in Jávea. In our tropical garden at the end of our yard there is a nice studio where the treatments take place.


“Mothers should not accept losing urine!”

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