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Diastasis complaints: what if the space between your abdominal muscles does not go away?

Back pain during pregnancy

Pain in your tailbone, during and after pregnancy

Everything about pelvic pain

Everything about your pelvis during pregnancy

16 tips for pelvic pain. What can you do yourself?

A pelvic band during your pregnancy. To do or not?



“You should not have prolonged pain during pregnancy.” Due to the heavy lifting of my toddler, I suffered from neck and shoulder complaints that extended to my back and pelvis. I thought I should just accept that pain. But after just 1 consultation with Jody I felt so much lighter. On the one hand because of the good treatment, on the other hand because Jody is really there for you. She listens very well and shows you that she really cares about you. Also by checking in later with an app. Jody has an enormous amount of knowledge about the female body, but also dares to use her sensitivity to help you, and that is a golden combination!


Sanny Verhoeven - Ruis, mother of 2 children

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