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  • When a consultation?
    You may feel discomfort in your body. Or perhaps you have no complaints at all, but you still have a question about the functioning of your body or pelvic floor. Many pregnant women and mothers face the same problems. The most important thing is to understand that complaints are never just part of it. Don't take complaints for granted. By listening to your story and asking you the right questions, I hear what you need. This is how I can best help you.
  • What can I do for you?
    Give you a quick or preventive grip on your question. Providing you with tailor-made advice to organize your recovery as optimally as possible. Give you advice to avoid unnecessarily delayed recovery in your postpartum period.
  • My Method
    The most important thing in my way of working is that I look at my client and her complaint holistically. The mind, body and soul always work together and cannot be separated from each other. By viewing these three components as a whole, it is often possible to heal again. By asking good questions, I achieve the best results together with my clients. Ask yourself "What do I need?" If you know what you need, then your request for help is also clear. Is most of your recovery on a physical, emotional or mental level?
  • I can help you with this:
    The functioning of your body and pelvic floor Back and pelvic complaints How to prepare for your maternity period Diastasis problems Complaints due to a prolapse Urinating and defecating Sexuality Recovering after a caesarean section Building exercises & activities after childbirth Sports advice during pregnancy and after childbirth Returning to work after giving birth
  • Online consultation
    Wherever you live in the world, I can help you online. The great thing about this is that you don't have to book a ticket to Spain (but this is of course always possible ;-) Online consultations are also very suitable for after childbirth. This way you don't have to leave your house (or your maternity bed) for a tailor-made treatment plan and guidance.
  • Consultation in my practice
    You are welcome in my practice space in Jávea, Spain for a consultation. In our tropical garden there is a nice casita at the end of our yard where the treatments take place. Are you coming for a consultation after your birth? Your baby can always come along.
  • Postpartum treatment at home during the maternity period
    If you experience complaints in your body during the first 6 weeks after your birth and you live in the Jávea area, I will come to your home for a consultation. Postpartum treatment can be extremely helpful with: - Stress reduction - Muscle relaxation - Improvement of blood circulation - Pain relief - Hormonal balance (think of removing excess adrenaline) - Emotional well-being - Recovery of the abdomen and pelvis - Initiating breastfeeding
  • Pregnancy or postpartum massage
    You are welcome for a massage in my treatment room in Jávea, Spain. In our tropical garden at the end of our yard there is a nice casita where the massage takes place. I have a treatment couch with a pregnancy recess, if desired, you can lie on your stomach during the massage. Are you coming for a massage after your birth? Your baby can always come along.


Ik heb de keuze gemaakt om vanuit Awaken your Motherhood als onafhankelijk zorgverlener te werken.

Dit houdt in dat ik zonder contracten met zorgverzekeraars werk. Hierdoor kan ik de tijd nemen die ik noodzakelijk vind voor mijn cliënten. 

Dit betekend voor mijn cliënten dat een consult bij mij niet vergoed wordt door hun zorgverzekeraar. 

Tarieven consulten:

Een eerste consult van 70 minuten bedraagt €80,- 

Een vervolg consult van 40 minuten bedraagt €50,- 

Aan het einde van ons consult ontvang je digitaal de factuur van mij. Deze kun je ter plekke voldoen of overmaken.

Tarief postpartum behandeling/massage aan huis:


Een behandeling aan huis, in de omgeving van Jávea, bedraagt €110,-

Dit is inclusief reiskosten en 30 minuten extra tijd om mij voor te bereiden en nadien alles op te ruimen.

Tarief zwangerschaps-/postpartum massage in mijn behandelstudio:

Een sessie van 80 minuten bedraagt €80,- 

Bij het boeken van een sessie

tijdens je zwangerschap,

ontvang je gratis mijn e-book

De Postpartum Herstel Planner.

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