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Workshop - Postpartum Recovery

Whether you are pregnant with your first or fourth child, the Postpartum Recovery

workshop provides guidance during your maternity period, the most important phase

for your physical recovery after giving birth.


You will receive clear and concise information during this workshop.

This way you lay the foundation for a powerful recovery on a physical, emotional and mental level during your maternity period.

I explain how you can speed up your recovery and prevent (future) complaints as much

as possible. Of course, this workshop cannot be complete without briefly discussing pregnancy and birth. Because, childbirth has to happen anyway

impact on your body.

What can you expect?


  • A relaxing afternoon in a small group

  • Practical tips to have much more influence on your own recovery after childbirth.

  • Insight into the functions of your abdomen and pelvic floor + exercises that you can apply at home.

  • There is a short break for your favorite stretches, a cup of tea and a delicious snack.

  • Space for asking questions.

  • Gift: The paperback version of The Postpartum Recovery Planner in A5 size 

  • Fact: Your pelvic floor will be forever grateful for your participation


The dates for live workshops in 2024 will be published here in due course.

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